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Introducing Our World’s Biggest Swiss Army Knife

If you’re looking for the ultimate Swiss Army Knife, you need to check out the Wenger 16999 Giant. With 87 implements (performing 141 functions) it’s the biggest Swiss Army Knife ever made. Of course at 8.75″ long and weighing 2 lbs, it’s not a pocket knife (or even practical for that matter), but that’s not the point.


The 16999 was designed for two things: to set a world record for Wenger knives and to give collectors a unique, high-quality knife. On these 2 points, it succeeds admirably. I don’t own one of these myself (yet), but I got the chance to examine one that a friend owns the quality is top notch (what you’d expect from Wenger), and the “Giant” is a truly impressive knife. It would make a great addition to your collection or a great gift for the knife lover in your life.

If you are knife lover you can use every types of knife for your daily needs like, kitchen knife, chef knife, boot knife and also survival knife for outdoor. 

Wenger 16999 Giant Product Details:

Size: 8.75″ (longest dimension)

Weight: 2 lbs

Color: Red

Implements: 87

Functions: 141

Unique features: flash light, laser pointer

World’s Largest Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife Classic – Review


The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Classic is small, lightweight, and extremely practical. It makes a great first knife, a good pocket knife, and is a perfect fishing knife.


The quality is high – as you would expect from a Victorinox knife – but the Classic is also very affordable, with prices as low as within $10 to 20 for certain models. It is easy to carry and surprisingly versatile given its small size. I’ve had a Classic for over 30 years, and it is still going strong.


The Swiss Army Knife Classic is 2.25″ long (closed) and weighs only 1.3 oz. The handle is constructed from acid-resistant plastic and aluminum for lightweight, while the tools are made from various grades of steel depending on their purpose. The Classic is available in “Classic” Swiss Army Knife red and many other colors.



The Swiss Army Knife Classic includes five features (tools): blade, file, scissors, toothpick, and tweezers.

Blade, The blade on the Classic, is 1.5″ long. This is large enough to be useful but small enough to help prevent unintentional damage, making the Classic an ideal first knife.


The blade is made from steel with a hardness of HRC 56, which makes for easy sharpening and decent edge holding ability in practical use. Though small, the blade cuts well for its size and design. It’s the perfect size for cleaning sized pan trout or other small fish.


File The Swiss Army Knife Classic includes a fingernail file, which at first I thought was kind of weird – then I tore a fingernail on a camping trip. If this has ever happened to you, then you know how difficult it is to do anything with a torn nail grabbing on everything. The fingernail file neatly takes care of this problem.


Screw Driver, The end of the file, is shaped like a standard screwdriver, and if you wear glasses, a worthwhile modification is to grind the tip down small enough to fit the frame screws on your glasses. If you’re using this as a fishing knife, leave it as is and use it for tightening screws on your reel, etc.


Scissors The scissors included with the Swiss Army Knife Classic are very sharp and perfect for cutting fishing line and other light lines. The tips are sharp as well and would probably helpful in digging out a deeply embedded splinter – but I’ve never actually had to do that.


Toothpick Besides the obvious use, the toothpick included with the Classic comes in very handy when tying complicated fishing knots.

Tweezers The Classic includes a small set of tweezers that are very good at removing small splinters and such.


Swiss Army Knife Classic


When I was growing up, one of the most coveted possessions among my friends and me was a pocket knife, especially a Swiss Army knife. Owning a knife meant our parents trusted us – that they believed us to have a certain amount of responsibility and maturity – and it granted us a certain amount of freedom.


My first pocket knife was a gift from my parents – a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Classic. They probably chose this particular model because the blade was small enough to keep me from doing any serious damage if I’d have gotten careless with it. Didn’t matter to me, I had my knife, and it gave me a sense of freedom.

Another reason they might have chosen the Swiss Army Knife Classic is that I love to go fishing, and the Classic is ideally suited for those who like to fish.

The blade is the perfect size for cleaning a small trout, the file with its flat tip can be used for scaling a fish and tightening loose screws on a fishing reel, the scissors are just the right size for cutting fishing line, and the tweezers and toothpick are both very helpful when attempting complicated fishing knots. All in all, I’d have to rate the Swiss Army Knife Classic as just about the perfect fishing knife, at least for small to medium sized trout.

It’s been over 30 years since I got my Swiss Army Knife Classic and it’s still going strong. The cutting blade is made from steel with a hardness of HRC 56 which makes it very practical for everyday use while still allowing easy sharpening.

Even more surprising in a time when product life cycles seem to be measured in months if not weeks, the same Swiss Army Knife Classic that my parents gave me as a gift over 30 years ago is still available today. 



The Swiss Army Knife Classic is small and lightweight, with usefulness you wouldn’t expect from such a small knife. Quality is excellent this knife is an outstanding value for the price. 


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